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WPHS (Wexham Park Hospital School) is staffed by Kristin Daniels. The aim is to provide a balanced education for KS1 – 4 pupils with a range of medical needs.  Kristin works in Ward 24, the Paediatrics Department of Wexham Park Hospital and liaises with the Nursing Team on a daily basis.  Skills are used to assess the needs of each young person and teaching is done on a 1:1 basis.

Kristin maintains the link between the young person and school by liaising with the home school staff to keep the young person up to date with school work.  She then helps the young person to understand what they need to do and encourages them to complete the work.

Kristin continues to support young people at home after they have left hospital in order to keep them engaged in education during long periods of absence, should this be necessary.