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Science At Hayrook College

We understand Science, within secondary education, to be the development of analytical thought, which will enable children to make sense of the natural wold about them. It also fosters children’s natural curiosity and encourages enquiry, scepticism and independent thought. All of these are important skills for young people growing up in a modern technological society. Scientific literacy is important because it helps in making informed decisions in many areas of life. For example, scientific literacy plays a crucial role in making choices related to health, nutrition, and the environment. Scientific literacy thus empowers individuals with critical thinking to find the best possible solutions to the problems we face as individuals and as a society. 


Learners in years 7, 8 and 9 study biology, chemistry and physics in line with the National Curriculum. We follow the Pearson Exploring Science scheme of work. This builds a foundation of science skills while fostering students' natural curiosity about their world. It also prepares learners for GCSE courses in science at KS4. 


In years 10 and 11 we follow the AQA Scheme of work. This matches the GCSE 1-9 specification, and will prepare learners for either Bilology single GCSE or Combined Science GCSE. It also teaches the 14 big ideas in science through which we can understand the universe. Some learners will work towards entry level certificate in science if they are not ready for GCSE. 

Opportunities to take separate science GCSEs (triple) may be available to suitable candidates. 

Department Staff 

  • Pierre Brocas 
  • Kareem Mohammed 
  • Hanou Daharee 
  • Syed Ahmed

Please see the curriculum map below for science

Science Curriculum Map