Science At Haybrook College


At Haybrook College, we believe that Science has something to offer every pupil. That is why we have a suite of Science qualifications for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 – to suit pupils of all abilities and all aspirations.

The Science curriculum map demonstrates how we logically and sequentially build knowledge and skills during our pupils’ entire study time at Haybrook College. The subject content and the required knowledge of practical experiments are embedded in the respective schemes of work, so that we have the flexibility to provide a curriculum which is both broad and balanced, and also meets the National Curriculum expectations.


Our pupils are provided with multiple opportunities to develop their scientific understanding of the world around them, as explored through the context of the National Curriculum. Throughout their learning journey, they develop creativity, independence, enquiry and a real appreciation of the importance of Science in their everyday lives.

KS3: In the centres where our KS3 curriculum is delivered, we aim to deliver an accelerated KS3 program which spans over two years. We enrich our curriculum, through providing pupils with many enquiry opportunities in lessons, designed to capture and increase the pupils’ interests. The delivery of science lessons at Haybrook, aims to deepen a sense of curiosity and thought, coupled with building investigative skills in order to inspire and build future scientists. In year 9, all pupils to take an Entry Level Certificate in Science: this is usually completed before the summer term in order to build pupils’ knowledge and confidence so that they can continue with GCSE Science, at KS4.

KS4: In KS4, pupils follow the Cambridge IGCSE programme. This has been chosen because it is a single award Science GCSE which covers biology, chemistry and physics: it also has a practical component in the assessment. This programme best meets our aims of a broad, balanced and practical science curriculum. Some centres co-teach ELC in Science in year 10, along with GCSE Science if pupils have not had the opportunity to complete this qualification during year 9.


We aim to give support to our pupils to thrive and make positive choices in life. This goes well with our vision: ‘Inspiring and supporting young people to make positive choices about the future’.

An understanding of the scientific concepts which explain how our universe works, is essential for an active citizen to make reasoned choices and participate in a modern, democratic and industrialised society. For many of our pupils, their time at Haybrook is the only formal scientific education they will get. Science literacy is important because it provides a context for addressing societal problems, and because a science-literate population can better cope with many of its problems, and make intelligent and informed decisions that will affect the quality of their lives and those of their children. The knowledge and understanding they gain in science, whilst learning with us should stay with them, helping them and their families for the rest of their lives.

Please see the curriculum map below for science:

Science Curriculum Map