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Physical Education at Haybrook College

Physical Education (PE) at Haybrook College aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the value of regular safe exercise, how the human body functions, and its response to physical activity. We also aim to develop an understanding of the factors that may affect performance and a healthy active lifestyle, while promoting knowledge, skills and understanding in a variety of practical activities and sports.

Below is a small selection of our key aims for PE here at Haybrook:

· Provide students the physical skills, confidence, knowledge and personal qualities they need for a healthy balanced lifestyle during school and after.

· Develop a lifelong love of (and passion for) physical activity and sport.

· Support all students to become confident within themselves and encourage those who are able to; lead, persuade and challenge others.

· Provide opportunities for regular competitive physical activity and sport across the board.


Learners from Yr. 7-9 learn a variety of different sports from the National Curriculum each term. They are taught the rules and regulations of each sport – along with practically engaging & competing in the sport also. Students begin each term with a Baseline Test. The practical teaching works parallel alongside the theoretical content discussed in each lesson, to further enhance their understanding of the sport, and assess their own (and peers) performance. This allows for the students to build a strong foundation of sport specific knowledge, as well as improving their performance evaluations.


In Yr. 10 & 11 learners have the opportunity at taking PE at GCSE level, using the Edexcel Exam Board. GCSE students will work with PE staff on the spec – combining both theoretical and practical content for their examinations. Those that don’t choose GCSE PE will still have ‘core’ PE lessons continuing on their strong foundations built in KS3. We also offer KS4 students the chance to visit the gym in surrounding leisure centres. Here at Haybrook we understand the need to increase our student’s confidence in unfamiliar surroundings, and help them maintain a Healthy & Active lifestyle when they leave school.

Department Staff:

· Zakariah Khan

· Niki Papali

· Rachel Tabone

Please see the Curriculum Map below for PE

PE Curriculum Map