Statutory Information


Haybrook College Policies & Statutory Information

Document Last updated
22-23 Statement re Appointment of Assessor 8th Feb 2023 Download
Access Arrangements Policy 18th Dec 2023 Download
Accessibility Plan 13th Dec 2022 Download
Admissions Statement 16th Dec 2022 Download
Attendance Policy 28th Feb 2024 Download
Behaviour Policy 11th Dec 2023 Download
Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance Policy 13th Dec 2022 Download
Careers Plan & Student Entitlement 13th Dec 2022 Download
Charging & Remissions Policy 20th May 2024 Download
Child Protection & Safeguarding 17th Nov 2023 Download
Children with Health Needs who cannot attend school 13th Mar 2024 Download
Complaints and Appeals Procedure - Exams 28th Feb 2024 Download
Complaints Procedure 17th Jan 2024 Download
Draft RPA - Cyber Response Plan 22nd May 2023 Download
Escalation Process 15th Mar 2023 Download
Exam Contingency Plan 28th Feb 2024 Download
Exams Equalities Policy 23-24 18th Dec 2023 Download
Exams Policy 28th Feb 2024 Download
Freedom of Information - Guide to Information available under the model publication scheme 5th Nov 2021 Download
Health & Safety Policy 13th Dec 2022 Download
Internal Appeals Procedures 15th Mar 2023 Download
Keeping children safe in education (2023) 25th Jan 2024 Download
Non-examination Assessment 28th Feb 2024 Download
Our Local Offer - A Guide for Parents (Haybrook College) 13th Dec 2022 Download
Provider Access 8th Feb 2023 Download
Relationship & Sex Education Policy 20th May 2024 Download
Risk Assessment and Protocols 12th Jul 2021 Download
SEND Policy and Information Report 12th Mar 2024 Download
Social Media Policy 13th Dec 2022 Download
Supporting Children with Medical Needs 13th Dec 2022 Download
Suspension and permanent exclusion policy 12th Mar 2024 Download
Visiting Speakers Policy 12th Jul 2021 Download
Whistleblowing Policy 5th Sep 2023 Download
Whistleblowing Policy - Exams 15th Mar 2023 Download
Word Processor Policy 23-24 18th Dec 2023 Download