English at Haybrook College

Our primary focus in English is to enable all students to be confident and effective communicators, and to develop the skills necessary to succeed in school and in life beyond the classroom. Students at Haybrook College study the national curriculum in English at Key Stage 3 and work towards GCSEs in English Language and Literature at GCSE, following the AQA syllabus. We also offer Entry Level qualifications to meet students’ individual needs.

Throughout their time with us, students explore a diverse range of texts and activities covering both classic and contemporary literature and non-fiction texts. This enables them to develop an understanding of reading and writing across different genres and for different purposes, with a focus on developing oracy skills and fostering an appreciation of reading for pleasure.

At Key Stage 3, students build on the skills and knowledge gained at primary school and learn to become more independent in their reading, writing, and discussion of texts and topical issues. The curriculum is focused on themes, incorporating extracts and full texts that are fun and engaging, link to other curriculum areas, and lay the foundations for their GCSE courses.

At Key Stage 4, students will learn the functional elements of the English Language alongside a thematic Literature curriculum, enabling them to apply their knowledge and skills from previous learning in English and across the curriculum to analyse more complex texts. The curriculum is adapted to accommodate short-term and long-term placements, including working with other schools and exam boards where necessary.

Through the teaching of English, we aim to support the college’s mission to inspire and support young people to make positive choices about their future, preparing them for the demands of life beyond education and equipping them with the skills required to achieve their individual ambitions.

English Curriculum Map