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Dear Parents, Carers, students and friends,

Thank you for visiting Millside School’s homepage, I’d like to take a moment to say ‘Hello, how are you? Welcome to Millside School’ and I hope that you enjoy looking at us and finding out more about what we do.

As Head of Millside School and alongside my Deputy Ms Rachel Tabone, we lead our team with commitment and a smile to ensure that all of our young people are given the best possible opportunities and support throughout Year 7 to 11. My team and I work every day to support our 70 students, all of whom have Education, Health and Care Plans for Social Emotional and Mental Health Needs.

Our shared aim is to help our pupils to make positive behaviour choices and become independent learners with positive futures. We approach this mission with a creative, solution focused approach which includes: 

  • nurturing tutor groups, of up to 7 pupils in KS3 that support the transition from Primary to Secondary, aim to develop independence and resilience at each student’s own pace; 
  • our curriculum at KS3 uses links across subjects to make learning feel more meaningful and allows students to develop their own interests and mastery across teh curriculum;
  • a full suite of Entry Level, GCSE and vocational qualifications completed during Year 10-11, so that students can move onto post-16 college, training or employment with qualifications in Maths, Statistics, English Language and Literature, Science, ICT, Art/ 3D Design and other more specialist courses including Arts Award and the Duke of Edinburgh Award;  
  • Our weekly ‘Thought for the week’ themes that focus on the values we wish to promote and share: for example Courage, Kindness, Truth, Inclusion….the traits that make for a caring community and healthy body and mind; 
  • daily mentoring and learning support from our Sports Coach Mentors, as well as personalised interventions from our Intervention Mentors for those pupils who require greater support with attendance and engagement in learning; 
  • and finally, a ‘family atmosphere’ whereby we celebrate success through our reward assemblies and activities, we eat together daily and we share responsibility for the care of our therapeutic Millside pets. 

I hope that you enjoy our gallery of photos, newsletters and information on these pages, and I invite you to come and visit us to experience for yourself the care, guidance, dedication and education on offer at Millside School.  

Mrs Lou West, 

BEd Hons, MA, NPQH