Welcome To Wexham Park Hospital Schoolroom

The Schoolroom comprises Tony Ford and Kristin Daniels. We aim to provide a balanced education for pupils with a range of medical needs. Great care is taken to maintain a caring and nurturing environment which is well equipped to safeguard vulnerable students.

The Schoolroom is situated in the paediatric area of Wexham Park Hospital: we have a dedicated classroom and kitchen area as well as an attractive enclosed courtyard garden. The Schoolroom has a range of facilities to support the National Curriculum across all four Key Stages.

The moment a new student arrives at WPHS we aim to make them feel welcome, comfortable and safe: unlike other teaching establishments, staff may teach different pupils every day who were previously unknown to them. We use our skills to assess the needs of the child and make them feel comfortable as soon as they enter the Schoolroom.

Creating an environment that is as near to school as possible is important so that young people can identify with a familiar school setting. It is also important for them to be seen in an educational context rather than a medical one.