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By Post: David Tottingham, Chair of Governors, Haybrook College, 112 Burnham Lane, Slough, Berkshire. SL1 6LZ


I trained as a Management Accountant, in the Brewery Industry, with exposure across all disciplines within the Finance departments both in Head Office and Regional Breweries. Progressed to Divisional Financial Director in a Commodities trading company in the City and managed numerous businesses and personnel on an international basis, reporting to various government entities. As part of one the positions, led and managed an operation in Switzerland including setting up the office and managing the tax status.

Following on from this and for the next 16 years was the number two in, initially, a Grant Maintained school, progressing to VA, and then taking the school through the transition to becoming an Academy. The school was amongst the top performing comprehensives in the country. The role was to manage everything within the school with the exception of the teachers and the curriculum. The school was based on two sites and unusually had two centre numbers. The roles that were directly in the remit were the Finance, Personnel, Payroll, Fund raising, Site services, Catering, IT, and Administration. In addition the school raised substantial funds from the parents and this was managed by the Finance department.


I have worked at Haybrook College on the Wexham Park Hospital Site, since May 2005 and was invited to join the interim Governors’ Board in 2006/2007. During the time I have been able to remain a steady link between staff and the LGB, raising any queries or concerns by other staff members and been able to part-take in vital decisions.

Over the years, I have seen the college expand and develop and am immensely proud of Haybrook College’s achievements.


My background is in in early years’ childcare.  I am a qualified Nursery Nurse and I have worked in a variety of settings including day nurseries, nannying abroad and more recently in a school.

I have a child who started Millside School in 2014 as a Year 7 and I was invited to become a Governor in 2015 and am proud of the work that is carried out there.

I sit on the Curriculum Committee and I am the Governor with responsibility for CEIAG.


I have been Headteacher at Cheney school Oxford since September 2017.  The school is an inner city school with over 1500 students, over 30% Pupil Premium and BME.  The school was graded Good in March 2018.  Prior to this I was a Deputy Headteacher at an inner city school in Bristol, where I was also the Chair of the In Year Fair Access and Inclusion Panel for 3 years.  Before I came into education I had a 13 year career in management consultancy.  I set up and ran my own company for 6 years which had 26 employees and a turnover of over $2 million, and I have also worked for Deloitte Consulting, Price Waterhouse Consulting, UBS, the European Investment Bank and Cisco Systems.  I have lived and worked in London, Switzerland, Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg and the United States.


Since September 2018 I have been the Executive Headteacher of Haybrook College in Slough, providing an alternative education for over 200 young people with complex social, emotional and behavioural difficulties who have been permanently excluded or at risk of exclusion from local mainstream schools. I joined the College in January 2013 and have held various positions including, Head of Millside School and Deputy Headteacher across the College. Prior to joining the College, I worked in an all boys residential SEMH school in Bucks and various mainstream primary schools in East and South East London. Before I came into education I had a 10 year career working for News International as a Print Engineer Team Leader.


I have been Headteacher of Herschel Grammar School since September 2010. The school was graded outstanding in all areas by Ofsted in September 2012. The school has longstanding partnership arrangements with Haybrook College through the Herschel Pupil Training Centre. This is a very successful provision for key stage 3 pupils across Slough, who are at risk of permanent exclusion. Herschel has funded some of the staffing for this via its Leading Edge status for a number of years. I have been a Haybrook Governor since July 2014.  I am a trustee of both The Schelwood Academy Trust and The SASH School Academy Trust.

I bring to Haybrook a secure knowledge and understanding of curriculum, teaching and learning and educational leadership and management, and in particular a strong understanding of Slough and its context. Haybrook College delivers very high quality provision in a unique set up. It is vital to the success of our young people in Slough and I am proud to be involved in the college as a governor.


Julia Shepard has expertise in curriculum, learning, staffing, finance, governance, leadership and student matters gained through sixteen years of headship, including 12 years at Beechwood School. During this time she worked as part of the Slough PFI team to develop new school buildings and a conference centre. As chair of SASH, in collaboration with other secondary head teachers, we successfully initiated a bid for a secondary free school.


I have been a Governor of Haybrook College since 2007, and was recently appointed Chair, having been Acting Chair for two terms.

I am retired and spent 33 years in Local Government at Hammersmith, so am extremely au-fait with the workings of local government and have had extensive experience with the needs of the vulnerable members of society through my work as Facilities Manager for the Social Services Department.

I have been a Slough resident most of my life and have a keen interest in the Schools, also being Chair of Governors at Herschel Grammar School (which I attended).   I am honoured to be the Chair of the two schools and think the work that is carried out by both is a credit to the young people of Slough.