Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance (CEIAG)

As a school, Haybrook College has a statutory duty to ensure that all students are provided with ‘independent and impartial careers guidance’. In addition to adherence to this Department for Education (DfE) guidance we believe that one of our ultimate aims is to make it possible for young people to engage proactively in decisions about their education pathways and their journey to a career.

CEIAG helps supports students to make informed choices about their future, helping them to reach their potential and aspire to their future options. A young person’s career is the progress they make in learning and work. CEIAG helps young people:

  • Develop the knowledge they need to make well informed and thought through choices.
  • To be able to manage their careers and sustain employability throughout their lives.

Haybrook College is committed to providing a planned programme of careers education, information and guidance for all students in Yr7-13 in partnership with ADVIZA and Slough Young People’s Service.

We believe that CEIAG will actively encourage and inspire young people to take ownership of their career plans and to consider all options. To do this they will need the support of Haybrook College, their parents/carers, careers professionals, the local community and employers. Working together we can inspire young people to be ambitious for their futures.

CEIAG Learner Entitlement Statement

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