Welcome To Kitchen Craft

Kitchen Craft is a catering training facility which has been designed to provide a platform for learners who see themselves pursuing careers in the Hospitality and Catering industries and has a varied choice of qualifications which enable the young people to progress into college, university or an apprenticeship with advanced levels of skill and knowledge.

It also provides enrichment for young people who attend Haybrook College with all of the other centres taking advantage of the skills and experience of Mark (Chef Trainer) and Tania (Junior Chef Trainer).  They will be taught about team work, health & safety, healthy eating and meal planning, cooking economically at home etc., which are skills which are practical and transferable into any walk of life.

Kitchen Craft has a professional kitchen and also a restaurant which is open to the public one evening a week.  This gives the young people a real ‘hands-on’ feel for the industry and a number of students are now working in catering.